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Maybe the INI file could contain maximum width and height for the thumbnails.  Then clicking on a thumbnail opens the image in the associated Windows application.

Thanks, sounds like a great idea.  +1

I'm assuming this means a list of notes that contain a link to the current note?

I know SQLite has great support for proximity searching, e.g. apple NEAR orange.  It would be great to be able to find closely occurring search terms.

Thanks Alex. This is great for linking to larger attached images. I'm still hoping you decide to implement inline images for those of us who need image information embedded within text. Right now, AllMyNotes is doing the job but I'd prefer to use CintaNotes which isn't limited by the often clunky tree structure approach.

Agreed, inline links to attached images would make documentation (research and such) easy to follow with images that are one click away.

This would be a great way to keep research notes and documentation with pictures and diagrams.  What I worry about is bloating the database so much that responsiveness is impaired.  I would prefer to keep the image files in a relative path beneath the database file, which would still support portability.

This in combination with arbitrary file attachments would make this program incredibly powerful without sacrificing its core strength which is speed and ease of use.