Your comments

I always use Ctrl-N for a new note since it's always located in the same place on each keyboard.  The Ins key is different on each laptop and keyboard I use (even between two different HP laptops) and I always have to look for it.

I would also add the Ctrl+Shift+H for highlighting.
Good point about the combo box.  I actually would prefer a hideable notebook tab bar.  Normally, tags and sections are sufficient.  But for the operations support I do at work, I flip between many different projects and areas that I may want to keep in separate notebooks.  The tabs would let me easily switch between them.
Also a date range From and To.
I was just coming over here to look for this.  The current Recently Used Files list has two drawbacks.  First, I forget which notebook I have mapped to which number (if my memory was better, perhaps I wouldn't need CN :-).  Second, the number can change as notebooks are closed. 

A Notebook Bar (toggleable from the View menu) would let me quickly switch from one to another.  As with the Sections Bar, perhaps there could be an "All" that would let me see/search notes across all open notebooks, although that starts to complicate matters.