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Nice service, but if you know some CSS rules, you can change sites more effectively.

... letters in search-box .. Try to press BACKSPACE when focus on NoteList, it doesn't start delete search-word...

then how about, BACKSPACE should delete search symbols, even if focus on NotesList ?

ok Thomas,  now I catch it:

ESCAPE resetting all in one press, both tags and search box.

This behavior of ESCAPE should be customizable, because some user don't like it. I'm also want to try it before deciding.

( I changed my vote to positive )

No, I don't mean 'ALL sections'  .... How about Shift+Escape for 'AlLL sections' ? ... very easy shortcut for left hand.

... and if cursor on search box, 1st Escape should reset to "All".

(behavior of Escape depends of focus on search box or not). Now 1st Escape resets search box.

It may signalize to us with blue font colour in search box .... to prevent forgeting to reset to "All" .

There is problem of forgetting to reset to "All",  when we type search words.

I also thought about that and have ideas, but difficult to express in English to me.

sorry Thomas, I voted negative .

because  to use "Delete" for resetting is radical idea.

... and in my opinion several Escape is easy shortcut.

Who use mouse knows click on "X" not easy, so please vote. Maybe if X button placed on left side of search box, it will be easy to click.

Alex, please notice, idea is about "double click", not 1st and 2nd click.