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I got it installed and configured for date and time in ten minutes or so (not bragging or anything).
11/18/10 11:29:40AM once,
11/18/10 11:29:43AM twice,
11/18/10 11:29:55AM once more...

The problem now, and what I feared for as long as I have known about AutoHotKey is stopping the tinkering it inspires. This is very capable software.
Ugh, I have 'One More App Aversion.' Yes, AutoHotKey does it alright.
I'm against this since clipping a picture into CN would entail too much overhead regarding image resizing and text flow around an image. All that stuff. I don't think CN is intended to be an HTML editor.
Well, I actually use a regex search about once a year elsewhere I guess. (Have to go relearn it each time). Alright. Tentative 'up vote' from me.
I'm not sure I understand this. Is the intention to have, for example, the Tag Sidebar a tab and the main area a tab, etc? Or is the intention to have notes in tabbed sections? It sounds pretty tedious but I might not be seeing it.
We are not talking about the time of the note's creation. The functionality I seek is this:
Dec 5 2010, 16:43:04 - Did something.
Dec 5 2010, 16:47:39 - Did something else.

For how I use CintaNotes, this would be of great value.
If I understand correctly, you can already kinda do this. I have an .XML skeleton I put my pre-CintaNotes notes into for easy importing. I wish it were more automated but it will be by the time I'm done :)
This seems simple enough. Highlight text in a note, make it a link to a new or existing note, done. If you delete the linked-to note, the link will just make a new note when you click it in the future. This process lets the user spin off other thoughts and tasks on the fly, the way it should work.
Attachments and images inline just confuses the whole affair. K.I.S.S.
I would love basic text formatting. I am migrating from Luminotes and used basic formatting heavily there. But BASIC. Know what I mean? The simple functionality of Luminotes and CintaNotes is what makes them really usable.