Your comments

Thanks for putting this up, Alex! Yes, tabs and tags work great (I LOVE them), but as mentioned, switching between databases is awkward and time-consuming. With tags, I can only see what I have by writing out or clicking on a tag. I cannot see at a glance what I have and go to the appropriate tab. As a writer, I need all resources in one place, not switching back and forth between databases, unless the shift is smooth and natural by having database tabs on the side. At first blush, either scenario would work for me if, in fact, it does work as described. I do agree in keeping the section tabs at the top (as this is where almost ever program puts them), and have the notebook tabs to the left, as per the diagram. This keeps the right side clutter free, for adding just a single tab there would use up the width of a whole, otherwise empty, column.
Thanks, Alex, for your offer of refund. So far, I like the program very much, but for the lack of alarm. Right now I'm just loading it up from my old program, so haven't tried all the option you've built into it yet. I appreciate the work you've donet and will wait for the upgrade. Good luck!
I just bought the program and stupidly assumed it had an alarm. Why, after all these years hasn't the alarm been implemented? This is only half a program without it.