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The "manual" sorting mode does not allow:
1) to create a new note at the given position (before or after the target-note);
2) to move notes at the given position for one step (It allows to move only one position up or down);
3) to change notes for one step.

Why do I use the creation date as note sorting factor? I have two reasons:

1) (implementation) I think that implementation complexity of these functions is easy.

2) (philosophy & methodology) I want to combine the advantage of timeline with the possibility to handle with notes as text blocks. I consider a CN notebook as a multitext with virtual (changed) chronological order from which individual texts are extracted by tag filtering. It is significant that for notes which do not "participate" in texts the virtual chronological order coincides with the real chronological order.
This topic is obsolete. See the topic "Use of CintaNotes as a powerful long-text writing tool".