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Connect notes without tag is a really something important thing.

But enter just links at the bottom looks like a bad UI.

Maybe better to create a hidden connections, 

display some label (like chain icon) if connected notes are present

and change the behavior of main window.

if user click on the chain icon near the Header of the note

in the main window it will be filtered like you are using the tag (ephemeric, hidden)

eventually - you turn on "filter connected notes only"

And great part will be if you still will have ability to use tag navigation

inside this filtering group

If you click on that icon get you back to normal view


And second part is creating a connected notes,

not only connecting already existed.

Fior example we already has an ability to link notes to

each other. But it's implemented the same as external links.

It will be better to have an ability to create connected notes.


If you are agree with that vision of interaction interface,

i can help a little bit with designing the behavior 

bcz, im very interested in that (more flexible, and real-life better organized) way of implementation

Last message was 2 years ago? When it will be implemented?

Best wishes!

Tags: Multi word tags; Implement today!

No -1,

Tags need different field

If you want search by #tags use the search field.

The find by tags, mean that this word is not appeared in text,

is more like category.

If you want to search in text you can do...

But if it will be implemented, there need to ability to choice the behavior.

And its will be better to edit notes in Preview mode!
I mean in notes list!

It will be wonderfull!