Your comments

That's all I need, so I'm very happy with it. Looking forward for this to go live.

I understand these concerns, but personally I see no sense in dropping an attachment to a note (usually for storage) before opening to know its content, usually is the other way around. Drag & drop in a single step means speed and flexibility, as in OneNote for example.

Regarding the second part, .msg is a very convenient way to store a long conversation with lot of attachments. I've used it for years without experiencing any kind of problems.

Both features are already in CN, but have to drop it first to a folder or desktop, then to a note. Why not skipping the intermediate step.

Please add this. Is the only major feature still missing.

Pictures are pieces of information, often more valuable than text. I know you can attach them aside, even create a link to them, but it's not the same thing as having them visible inside note. Is there any chance to have this done in the future?