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Word and Outlook are working.

I took a deeper look at the clipboard content:
(I noticed that there is no 'rich text format' in the case of OneNote!?)

OneNote provides the following content:

  • DataObject
  • OneNote 2007 Internal
  • HTML Format
  • Unicode Text
  • Text
  • Enhanced Metafile
  • DIB
  • Ole Private Data
  • MAX

A clipboard content from Outlook is a little bit different:

(= entry exists in both cases, + this entry only exists in Outlook/Word, - this entry only exist in OneNote)

= DataObject
- OneNote 2007 Internal
- Object Descriptor
+ Rich Text Format
= HTML Format
= Unicode Text
= Text
= Enhanced Metafile
+ Embed Source
+ Native
+ OwnerLink
= Ole Private Data
I am using version 1.5.7 (and the problem also existed in 1.5.6).
As far as I know: no
If you would like this feature, I suggest du open a new request so others can vote for it.
Any news about a possible release date?
I am impatiently waiting for the hierarchical tags ;-)
As I understand the solution of 'delicious', this is a different visualization of a feature that already exists. CintaNotes already displays all related tags to a selected one with a bar alongside of the tags.
So I think yours is a different request from getting hierarchies (hierarchies are much more powerful and very different to a simple grouping)!
Sorry, but I don't agree because I hope we will get colours for a different feature (and too many colours would mess up the UI) -> http://roadmap.cintanotes.com/topic/3368-different-colors-for-different-note-categories/

Hi Thomas - yes, your ctrl+shift+s suggestion would also be useful but - as you state yourself - is different from closing all open notes. So it depends what your intention is.
  • If you want a fast way to get rid of all the open notes (and not lose your unsaved work) then this feature is what you may like.
  • If your need is to save many notes at once your 'ctrl+shift+s' sounds useful.
This feature is not on top of my personal list but I think it would still be useful. Think about the situation where you have opened several notes at a time. ctrl+s does not allow you to close all of them in one step.
Sunchess wrote 'there':
"Maybe it will be great feature to make tag-based password? So you make a tag, assign a password for this tag, and then all the notes with this tag are password-protected. So to lock note you only need to add a tag to it, and to unlock -- remove that tag."

So at least in the comments this idea is already covered.