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I would like option 1 - but I really am concerned about Cintanotes as a whole when it comes to security.

I do not use CN for sensitive subjects - since Edward Snowden and as a Security Now subscriber I worry about privacy of my notes - now SpiderOak have announced a zero-knowledge note-taking product, I will consider that when launched.

Must do my research before posting a comment
Must do my research before posting a comment
Must do my research before posting a comment
Must do my research before posting a comment

(as inspired by Bart Simpson)
Hi, I guess I also mean those common instances when I open a note to work on it extensively, yet the main window is still there hovering around and must be minimized.
Similar frustration even today: Whenever I select some text to sent to my designated CTN Inbox, Cintanotes springs up from the System Tray. I do not want this. I would like to send the text, then rename, tag etc later. Any chance of changing this annoying (to me) action? - I know I can do ALT+TAB and press ESC but. . . .
And how about a visible delete button to the right of 'Cancel'?  - - -okay, okay too much to ask for :)
I would like the user to have the option to not see a confirmation dialog when pressing CTRL+Del - any chance of a checkbox in the Options menu somewhere?
That's true, Alex, but it's another section which can add clutter to how I work. Yet having another section would not interfere with search results as search is done per section, there is no global search, so maybe it would work after all. Hmmm....
I'd prefer the manual archiving option; At the moment I am using the Recycle Bin as my unofficial archive - I'm just not ticking the maximum number or delete after boxes. I don't want these notes to show up in normal searches or when I browse my notebook..I just want them to be retrievable..otherwise there's the Recycle Bin WITH both boxes ticked.
This is really important -  +1 from me;