CN doesn't start up

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 Fixed in 1.8.2

 I updated CintaNotes to version 1.8 and now it will not start up.  Watching processexplorer, I see the process starting, then immediately terminating.  I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. 

One point of interest: I have always had CintaNotes installed in my C:\shareware folder, which is protected in the same way that C:\Program Files is protected.  This has always worked fine, but today in trying to debug this problem I noticed that there is no CintaNotes folder in %APPDATA%.  I would have expected the database to be there instead of under C:\shareware\CintaNotes, where it is now.  So I tried uninstalling and reinstalling under "C:\Program Files (x86)" instead.  But there was still no change in behavior, and still no CintaNotes in %APPDATA%.  I also tried "C:\Program Files", same result.

Another point of interest: When I start CintaNotes.exe from the Windows command line, I get a popup box which says, "Debugger is found on this machine", before it terminates.  I'm not sure what debugger it has found.  I believe at one time I had Microsoft Visual C++ installed on this system, but haven't used it for years.

I'm using Windows 7.

Would appreciate a resolution as soon as possible since I am currently unable to use the product at all, and I need it badly!


Hi Jeff, the crash has already been reported in the forum. There is also a beta available here: http://cintanotes.com/private/beta/CintaNotes_1_8_1_Beta1.zip , that should solve the issue. Use it at your own risk. Follow the discussion here: http://www.cintanotes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1389&sid=c3dde008185bf3f3b0e9905eb600b761#p5596   Thomas

Thanks, Thomas. Unfortunately this didn't change the behavior at all.


Strange, me and others were having success starting CN without crash. As for your database folder, i can not tell what's wrong with your configuration. Sorry. Hope Alex can jump in and clarify the issues here.


Ok, so I'm not convinced that I completely uninstalled, as I was trying to reinstall at different locations around my disk.  The first few times I used the Windows uninstall feature, but later I got lazy and just deleted the folders.  Perhaps I messed something up?  Is there anything in the registry I need to clear?  Do I need to reboot?  However, note that after I installed 1.8.1 beta, I started it (or tried to) by double-clicking the .exe file directly, so I wasn't relying on any shortcuts.  Any log files I can collect?  Also if you would like to troubleshoot this using a web share, I can arrange that.


 Hi Jeff!

Sorry to hear about your problems. Have you tried this version?

Um, yes, please see the rest of this thread :-)


Oh, sorry, overlooked that. Could you send me the list of processes which are usually running on your machine? Maybe some of them is detected as a debugger. Thanks!


The Microsoft Windows System Information program produced 200 lines of tab-separated-value output.  You can download it within the next 7 days from this link:



Jeff W.

I found a service called Machine Debug Manager, which is part of Visual Studio.  I stopped and disabled the service, but that didn't help either.


Thanks for the file, but this is the list of services. I wanted the list of running processes ;)
To get that, you can execute the following command in the console:
tasklist /v > processes.txt
Sorry, I somehow missed this request before.

I tried 1.8.1Beta4 and got the same result.  For the heck of it, I also tried creating a folder in My Documents and putting it there instead of in my C:\Shareware (x86) directory, just to rule out any problem with permissions.  Interestingly, this time it didn't even run for 2 seconds.  It started and quit so fast that ProcessExplorer didn't even notice it.

I have uploaded the process list again to this location:

Jeff W.


FYI, I reinstalled version 1.7.1 and it works fine.  Something changed in 1.8...


Yes, we have upgraded to latest version of the protector. I think this problem comes from this. We are currently working on the solution.
Probably around 15 Oct we'll release 1.8.2 that should fix this.


If you don't think this will be resolved quickly (like, in another day or two), then I need to downgrade to 1.7.1 ASAP.  I'm dead in the water without my CintaNotes!  Can you send me a link to download 1.7.1, since I didn't keep a copy?

Jeff W.


Jeff, we'll do our best to resolve this problem. But please see above: I still need some info from you.

All older versions of CN are available for download from here: http://cintanotes.com/files/old

Jeff, the problem occurs because of the software protector we are using to prevent cracking CN. I've already contacted the software's vendor, and they are preparing a fixed version. As soon as they deliver a fix, I'll release an update that should fix this problem, so please stay put! Thanks for your patience.


1.8.2_Beta1 works perfectly.  Thanks!

- Jeff W.

Great to hear that! You're welcome.