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Just had a note with 4 links I needed to open - so this feature would have come in handy - got my vote ;-)
I voted under the assumption that in the future we will be able to create tags detached from the notes and will need some kind of tag management. I that case this feature will come in handy.
Now it would be interesting what the intention has been.
  • If we are talking about finding notes -> this leads us to this request.
  • If we are talking about managing the tags themselves -> a separate filter field would make sense to me.
I voted for this request but don't really need it - why?
There are only a few applications out there that can do this trick - so I use HotkeyP to define keyboard shortcuts for every application and windows itself at will.

(With HotkeyP you can also meet other request on the roadmap like:
-> insert date time using a shortcut
-> scroll in the tag-list using the keyboard
...and again - this can be used not only in CintaNotes but in all applications).
I posted this question in the forum: "You could start to type the tag name into the search field and hit ctrl+return to select the tag. What are you missing here?"
Maybe I didn't get the idea!?

In addition to AutoHotkey I can recommend a program called 'HotkeyP' which can do much more than only paste date, time or whatever you want.
Like AutoHotkey the shortcut can be global (work in every program - not just CintaNotes) but it is very easy to configure.
or you just display "password protected" in the title area as long as the note is locked. But I would offer an option whether the user want's to show the title always or not. (If I had a choice I think most of the time I would display the title also for protected notes)

I hope it is also planned to do a real encryption - so the sensitiv information is also save if the database file is stored online.
to be more precise about that idea:
I am talking about the possibility to qualify tags with the special meaning of "if a note has this tag, please protect it from accidental deleting"

"onenote" (Microsoft) can do this too and there I use this feature frequently
I think I like the idea to color notes according to their tags more. I also voted for the request to mark some notes with a star. For me this would be enough and I think I don't need some flags too. Sorry for that.