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or maybe by using a special tag to mark it as locked?
what does this mean: "search for tags and phrase simultaneously"?
with the additional request to have a search option that limits the search to 'the title AND the new keword' field I vote for that feature ;-)

(reason can be found here: forum )
Will they be attached like in eMail-Clients but shown inline between the text (like it is possible in Gmail, Outlook and so on)? The reason I am asking this is because I use CN also to store hints and informations that would even get more useful if a picture is integrated in the text where the corresponding information can be read.

So storing them "attached" sounds good to me - showing them "in the midst of the text" sounds even better.
@Thomas: I find that suggestion interesting because I think I am using CintaNotes in a similar way (at the moment I assure that what you call 'keywords' occur at least in the title and/or in the text).

In the forum discussion you don't mention why you don't want to add the keywords as tags (with a special prefix). So I wonder what additional value you expect from an extra field (putting the keywords into the title and/or text is working fine - at least for me).

The benefits I could think of only appear with additional features added around this request - like:
 - the option to limit the search to the keywords (already mentioned in the forum)
 - show a list of keywords (similar to the tag list on the left) - maybe on the right side
 - ...

I know why I don't put the keywords into the tag list. My reason is, because I can't do a search for the tags like I can do it for the words in the title/text (see my request here: http://roadmap.cintanotes.com/topic/90864-mixed-tag-text-search-it-should-make-no-difference-whether-a-search-phrase-is-part-of-a-titletext-or-a-tag/ ).

If you don't want to mess up your list of tags - maybe another feature request like "hiding tags from the list if they start with a certain character" could help - just brainstorming?

I am really interested in this discussion because at the moment I can't decide if I would like this feature or won't use it.


Just tried it with firefox (version 10.0) and it worked.
may I ask about which use case we are talking about?
I have learned something new and am more than happy.
Does your request also cover this situation?:

Note tags: "test"
Note title: "this is new"
Note text: "something here"

If you now enter the search phrases 'test new' in the search box you don't get a match
(if the word test is not included in the title or text of the node).

This is a problem for every note that does not contain its tags also in the title and/or text > so my vote for this feature.