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When we try to select a text in a note in the "notes list", we begin a drag&drop.

If we had just a key modifier to change this default behavior, it could to the trick (alt, ctrl, ...)

I already use cintanotes to have sticky notes, my only real problem it that the notes switch places.

I have 3 notes always on screen, and the content of the 3 notes are randomly switch when I restart.

In fact, it looks like a bug.

problem resolved:

It was not a cintanotes problem. The notification zone of windows was messed up.

An option to expand the note when the mouse is over the note would do the trick for me, no need to click on anything

must save the position and size of the sticky note

I would like something like a simple line with :

- tags

- "ok" button

- "cancel" button

- a button to show everything again

(and if each note could remember her own place/size when shown again it could be fantastic. Just when closing/reloading cintanotes)

When i close cintanotes (shut down computer), the modifications on the notes are lost.

If I could haves an indicator that says me the status of the notes it could be useful

Instead of having a list possible size of view we could just have the possibility to increase or decrease the number of visible lines.

In the list of notes :
CTRL + '-'
CTRL + '+'

CTRL + mouse wheel

(perhaps not the best shortcuts)
Each time add or remove a visible line

Eventually having a switch for 'view with only title' <> 'view with lines' <> 'view full notes'

in a note, select a number of lignes with mouse -> right clic to show menu -> select 'sort asc' or 'sort desc'

Sorry I mean "full view" for each note

Minimal - only titles
Compact - only titles and 2 lines of text
Normal - as set in Note Appearance dialog
Full view - full view