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Hm, I might be able to work with that. What I could do in that case would be to click 'Cancel' each time. If no message appears, then all is well. If a message does appear, I then could think about whether I had actually intended to make any changes or not. If I had deliberately made a change, I could cancel the closing and then click Ok to save the note instead. If I had not deliberately made a change, I could just continue to cancel.

Note that this is not the thread which spawned the request originally, but here is an example of why this has been requested:
No. If you highlight a piece of text in a CN note, it should be automatically copied to the clipboard (just as plain text) without you having to hit Ctrl+C. You more often see this on *nix systems, but I would like to see it in CN myself, so +1 from me. It saves keystrokes when you want to copy some text from a note in CN and paste into another application (web browser, word processor etc).
Implemented in 2.8.4 Beta 1. Tried it on the main problematic website I have, and it seems to work nicely. At least on that site, CN no longer cuts text off, or adds characters that was not in the original highlighted text (eg bullets).
That's all right - I just hope it is something that is actually technically possible to do (I almost wasn't going to suggest it because I thought it may be impossible).
Heh - I just saw the forum topic :) It would be much appreciated, I believe it would solve the problem I have.
I missed a word - I meant "Windows Explorer", not "Windows" :)

(But as you have discovered below, TC does indeed support natural sorting and has done for a number of years)
Yes, I intended it to be an option that the user could enable if they wished. I know there are people out there that don't like natural sorting - there were some very vocal opponents of the option when it was added to Total Commander for example, and I am sure that some of those use CN as well - but I like natural sorting very much and would accept the potential downside of decreased performance.
Ah, yes - Cyan doesn't look too bad at all when filtered like that. I think this will do :)
Yep, that is fair enough!