CintaNotes is a Windows application for fast and convenient note taking. It can clip text from any application on a hot key, has a powerful tagging system and effective full-text search capability.


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Предпросмотр и чтение заметок.

Сделать предпросмотр в отдельном окне без возможности редактирования. Режим для чтения.

Либо заблокировать заметку от изменений(возможных случайных изменений).

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Elastic tabstops

Shawn vor 2 Monaten • aktualisiert von Alex Jenter vor 2 Monaten 1

I still have a lot of notes in Notepad++ because (via plugin) it supports Elastic Tabstops. This feature automatically aligns all content in a table based on the textual length of each column. Separate tables in a single document/note can have different tabstop alignments, since each group is separated by two carriage returns. This provides a simple ability to align information into a pseudo-table structure. If you use Notepad++ and aren't using this plugin, you need it. It's awesome. Elastic Tabstops ensures that whether your tab setting is 4 spaces or 8 spaces or 30 spaces, columns align correctly when text is tabbed consistently.

Here's an example of how it works in Notepad++:

Vs the same table in CintaNotes:

Among other things, this feature would allow note content to be able to be easily and quickly copied to/from Excel without having to munge the number of tabs that are currently required to make text align correctly. Likewise, any other application that supports tab-separated content would work, too (Access, phpMyAdmin, SQL Server, Adminer, HTML tables, WordPress and many more). This would greatly improve application compatibility.

This is different from the Smart Tabs request since Smart Tabs inserts spaces (yuck!).

I believe this is different from the Quick table creation request because that appears to require special formatting (RTF or HTML) where Elastic Tabstops works on plain text in notes where formatting is stripped. When you strip formatting (CTRL+D) tabs remain tabs so the pseudo-table alignment is preserved.

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Better batch operation support

Alex Jenter vor 3 Monaten • aktualisiert vor 2 Monaten 1

Maybe the most oustanding feature of Cintanotes is its incredible fastness,
but editing multiple notes in one go is still very inconvenient and, in my humble opinion, its biggest downside.

Generally I am missing further "Bulk Actions" or "Batch Routines", for example to

• Add / Replace / Remove: Links, remarks, attachments, (parts of) titles, (parts of) text
• Save attachments
• Edit properties (dates)
• Clear formatting

For some cases there might be a workaround by using Export/Import, but that's no fast editing.

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Highlight option for foreign language words

Сергей Землянов vor 5 Monaten • aktualisiert von Alex Jenter vor 4 Monaten 1

It would be nice to make the option of color highlighting foreign

language words, as opposed to the main language when editing the note

text. For example, I make a note where the main language is Russian and

it is necessary to highlight the words or letters of foreign languages:

English, German, etc.This is very necessary when copying text from

external sources, there may be errors such as "С" Russian is written as

well as "C" English.

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Merge to a note via rules

Fred vor 6 Monaten • aktualisiert von Alex Jenter vor 6 Monaten 1
- IF note contains/starts with / etc. AOEUAOEU then MERGE that note to a particular existing NOTE (instead of just the section), and have the option to include the DATE.

- So that anytime I make a note about my brother (Ron) I end up with a running account of all his notes. This just simplifies selecting and merging the notes, and when they merge now I lose the DATE if it's just a Titled note.
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Can we have a hot key for search?

ehkoh88 vor 7 Monaten • aktualisiert vor 7 Monaten 2

I like the add new note and show main window hot key. Wish to see the hot key for "search" added into the next version update. Thanks.

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Dark theme

Boris Monti vor 8 Monaten • aktualisiert von Alex Jenter vor 8 Monaten 1

Can we have a dark theme ?


Latest bugs 17

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Simplenote sync adds tags from sections that are not synced

lul vor 4 Monaten • aktualisiert von Alex Jenter vor 4 Monaten 1
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Settings get cleared all by themselves

AnTul vor 5 Monaten • aktualisiert von Alex Jenter vor 5 Monaten 1
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Другое поведение при создании связанных заметок

Hoakim Artramonov vor 2 Jahren • aktualisiert von Alex Jenter vor 2 Jahren 4
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Problem with CintaNotes Icon on System Tray (Stretched /Blurry Icon) on High DPI screen (120 DPI /125%)

Indrayanto Suharko vor 3 Jahren • aktualisiert von anonymous vor 2 Jahren 3
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Error when db file created time -(minus) local GMT offset < 01.01.1970 00:00

Ruzzz vor 4 Jahren • aktualisiert von anonymous vor 2 Jahren 2
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Text formatted with "highlight" gets printed as "italic"

ChrisCN vor 5 Jahren • aktualisiert von Alex Jenter vor 5 Jahren 8

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Add text formatting toolbar in note editor

jerzyha vor 8 Jahren • aktualisiert von Alex Jenter vor 1 vor einem Jahr 9

Auto-hide and show when docked to screen edges

Alex Jenter vor 9 Jahren • aktualisiert vor 2 Jahren 7

Different view modes: Minimal, Compact, Normal

Alex Jenter vor 9 Jahren • aktualisiert vor 2 Jahren 27

Todo lists inside notes

Roger vor 9 Jahren • aktualisiert von W Baggette vor 1 vor einem Jahr 28

Undo function

Alex Jenter vor 9 Jahren • aktualisiert von anonymous vor 3 Jahren 6

Selecting text and copying to clipboard right in the notes list

Alex Jenter vor 9 Jahren • aktualisiert von Boris Monti vor 10 Monaten 14

Picture clipping

Alex Jenter vor 9 Jahren • aktualisiert vor 7 Jahren 13

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