CintaNotes is a Windows application for fast and convenient note taking. It can clip text from any application on a hot key, has a powerful tagging system and effective full-text search capability.
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Rules: add ability to copy notes, not only move them

Alex Jenter 1 year ago • updated 11 months ago 6

Sometimes we need to make a copy of a note by rule.

Under review

Note editor: minimize space used by secondary UI controls

Alex Jenter 1 year ago • updated by Alexander79 10 months ago 5

Tags, link, remark, date take too much space.

Make the display of some of these controls optional or auto-hidable and displayed on demand.

other-ui editing
Under review

Add ability to fetch emails

Alex Jenter 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 1

Suggested by Denis Shevchenko:

"Would make CintaNotes one-place to sort emails, like Evernote!"

Under review

Add option to use Unix-way line endings when copying from CN

Alex Jenter 1 year ago • updated by LucyTaylor 11 months ago 4

Allow changing newline sequence from \r\n to \n in copied text


editing complexity:easy clipboard
Under review

Use search text as title for new note when none is found

Fodrew 1 year ago • updated by Charlisoa 1 year ago 6

if you search for note "X" but there are none, if you create a new note, then use the filtered name as note title.

Under review

Black background and larger text

echo user 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 5

It's impossible for me to use cintanotes for more than 10 minutes without getting eye strain or a headache. Looking at the white background of a note's window is like staring directly at a light bulb, and the text is so tiny it's impossible to read at a comfortable distance. On every application I use in which I must read or edit text, I have the ability to black out the background and make the text large. For example, right now I have this page in my Firefox browser zoomed in to 200%, plus I am running an add-on called Blank Your Monitor, which changes white backgrounds to black. These are very basic features for any application in which you work with text. It would be great to see them implemented into my favorite notebook application (which I have paid for).

viewing other-ui cosmetic configuring
Under review

Tagging as I browse

xylocorp3 1 year ago • updated by Clairvaux 11 months ago 7

Okay, here's an idea - I hope you understand:

I'm browsing through a very long pdf and want to tag various sentences, paragraphs and sections without stopping reading / leaving the pdf viewer.

I am reading through the pdf, I find a paragraph; I select the paragraph, then a discrete box comes up and I enter appropriate tags for the paragraph (there would be an auto-complete function in/to this box). I save/dismiss the box and continue my reading.

Whenever I finish my reading, I can go to a highlight section and search for a particular tag - up appears a list of the sentences, paragraphs tagged with that word or term.

Is this something CintaNotes can work with or is it an idea best directed at developers of pdf viewer software? Maybe this is how some pdf viewers already work - can you help?


taking/clipping tags

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Inserting notes in another application does not work with Putty

xasik 6 years ago • updated by Alex Jenter 6 years ago 0

Inconsistent font in notes with mixed charsets

Alex Jenter 7 years ago • updated by Arseniy (CN Support Team) 5 years ago 8

Wrong error message encoding when CN can't find the .db file

Alex Jenter 7 years ago • updated 7 years ago 0

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In-place (inline) note editing

Alex Jenter 8 years ago • updated 3 years ago 10

Syncing with a folder with .txt files

Alexander Wohl 6 years ago • updated by Alex Jenter 1 year ago 11

CintaNotes application for Android

Alex Jenter 8 years ago • updated 6 months ago 35

Clickable links in note preview

Alex Jenter 8 years ago • updated 4 years ago 5

Alarms (reminders) in notes

Alex Jenter 8 years ago • updated 10 months ago 27

Tabs for notebooks

Alex Jenter 6 years ago • updated by Paul Barca 3 years ago 14

Logical expressions for tag search, like "tag1 AND NOT (tag2 OR tag3)"

Alex Jenter 7 years ago • updated 10 months ago 5

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Simplenote adds blank line + "source: evernote.exe" to each note

Bugatzki 4 months ago • updated by Alex Jenter 3 months ago 5