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So I assume simplenote doesn't support formatting at all?

Well, the desired behavior would be that I can read my notes on simplenote (e.g. strip the formatting) but of course I don't want to loose the formatting in CN.

So I seems we need a workaround - but what could that be?

What will you do in the future when you support attachments to notes?

Will those be lost after syncing a note to simplenote and changing the content there?

I have no simple solution to this problem - any ideas?

I have sent you an email with details. Hope this helps.

Thanks for requesting that

(I too stumbled across it)

ah, I see - so you want to protect your notes!
Is your decision to protect a note really spontaneous or do you need a read-only-flag?

This was requested here (and I don't know why it got so few votes):

Hi Robert

Where do you see the benefit of showing a note 'not in edit mode' in comparison with just opening it in edit mode?



Yes, maybe an auto-hide feature which shows the bar only if you point the mouse above the title bar?

Hi Thomas

Just wanted to request a similar feature and found this one ;-)

You also may like my additional request:


Now that this feature got the status 'planned' I am interested in how this will coexist with the request for colored tags? In Outlook you DON'T have colored flags (at least as far as I know)! You have a red flag icon for tasks and you have colored categories.

If this request was meant to get something like the colored categories in Outlook it would be nearly the same request like the one for the 'colored tags'!?

  • Will we get colored flags AND colored tags?
  • Or will they be the same (just an option to display the 'color' different (as a flag or as a background color)?
  • Will the flag have a connection to the tags or how will I define which status corresponds to which flag?
  • Or will it be just a graphical thing without any additional functionality?



Quote: As for editing my request, i don't see a need for this.

That's true ;-)