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Personally i'd be happy to have at least a start date and manually filtering it! I consider recurrences as advanced features, which is true for a due-date also.
I would like to be able to easily express something like "+7" giving me all notes which have date from now within the next seven days.
This request is very similar to Date and time quick filter. Should they be merged?
This request is very similar to Search for date ranges. Should they be merged?
A start-date is actually a requirement to implement the alarms-feature.
Suggestions for implementation:
  • the field can be added to the note's property-dialog
  • in the property-dialog the field should be positioned as the first item so it can be edited quickly
  • the default start time should be set to 08:00
  • show the start date in the note's editor 
  • allow to sort for start date
I did a quick search on google. Here are some interesting results:

• StrCmpLogicalW function
- min XP
- Unicode only

• Sorting for Humans : Natural Sort Order


• Windows Numerical Sort: Why Numeric File Names are Sorted Differently

This requires in memory sorting, which heavily influences performance. I did not find an easy solution which would support SQLite.
To avoid extra work in the UI and also to avoid user disagreement it's probably best to introduce natural sorting as an ini setting controlling sorting of the title.
That's what i think too. Natural sorting does require computing, which can slow down ordering dramatically. The only exception i can think of, is building an appropriate index which uses a user defined function on the title field. I did not check though, whether SQLite does support user defined functions. Unless this can be done right, it is probably best to leave sorting the way it is. A workaround i use in these cases is "Note 01", "Note 02", etc.
Chris, thanks for bringing this up. One just can not stop learning. ;)