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I think this feature is obsolete now that we can save a note any time using ctrl+s.
The feature request Window List tries to solve the issue for open notes. Actually the Window List feature could be enhanced to a MRU-list (most recently used). On the other hand, with the latest introduction of the modification date and sorting thereafter, the latest notes appear already at the top of the list.
The date is quite interesting to me. Make it *optional*, but don't remove it, in general
Sometimes i edit notes in a chronological way. I add new text and e.g. add text "Update as of 03.02.2011". I could insert a new note instead and combine/link the notes together, but that sometimes would be overkill.
Yep. Should have a button "delete" and maybe a shortcut.
This can be made possible by acquiring a special sqlite license;
Same here. Auto saving is not that important when you can save manually using Ctrl+S.
Same here. If i really want to replace i can paste the text to some editor and do the job. But searching inside the note is something i often miss.
Allow me to save the note while in edit window, e.g. Ctrl+S. This way ESC and not saving the entry is less harmful. Also ESC could ask whether to save the change, but only ask, when the note was modified. Myself i like ESC to save and exit. It's quick.
* Sorting notes by "Date" should sort using the modification time.

* Why?
  Because last modified entries become visible on top of the notes list
  not only entries entered newly.

* How to handle new entries?
  Modification time must be set same as creation time.

* Migration of database
  If modification time is a new db column then a migration
  process must assign a value the same as creation time.

* Alternative #1
  Maybe a coalesce() function could be used e.g.
  ORDER BY COALESCE(ModificationTime, CreationTime).
  This would avoid complexity and a migration process.

* Alternative #2
  The creation date could be modified any time an entry gets changed.
  The advantage would be to avoid a db schema change.
  The disadvantage would be the loss of the creation date :(