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Curious as i am, i checked Total Commanders Settings. Guess what? It does support options, which allow to support for natural sorting. It even has multiple settings for it. As for "natural" sorting it can even distinguish for accents and German Umlauts, which requires a function of Internet Explorer (as the help notes).
It's not really Windows ;) I've checked the samples with Explorer and Total Commander. The latter does not support "natural" sorting, whereas Explorer does. That came as a surprise to me. I was not aware of this. Since it probably will affect only titles which are organized in a way, such as represented in the samples, i think it will be ok, to switch to natural sorting as the default.
As far as i understand this, we are talking about two different things. The first is an issue, that a match needs to be highlighted in the title too. Check my request here: The second is a request to highlight all matches, while F3 will jump from one to the other match.
This has become the most wanted topic to me. Now that i have more than 3000 notes in my database it is important to separate them. Especially to move private diary notes into a database on their own. The "tabs for notebooks" feature will allow easy access to them. 
PS: For Chrome there is an extension which supports printing of Background Colors. Search for "Print Background Colors"
Chris, i've just asked google ;) The web is full with posts regarding this problem. Not only Chrome, but Firefox is also affected. For Chrome there is an easy workaround by adding "-webkit-print-color-adjust: exact;" to the CSS definition of the body. I did not check for Firefox or IE, as there seems to be no general or even easy solution to this. This is rather hard for Alex to fix. Thomas
Hi Chris, printing is redirected via creating a temporary HTML file. It is located in your %TEMP% directory and its name is cintanotes-print.temp.html. I checked the file's content as well as it's presentation in Chrome. The text gets highlighted correctly. I then printed it using a PDF printer which created italic style instead. I did not test real printing though. Nevertheless, from what i see, the problem is related to the browser or the printer device.
By changing the shortcuts for moving sections with version 2.7.2 this issue has been resolved and can be marked as completed.
You're welcome. I am glad you are now satisfied with the product entirely, just as i am. ;)