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Hi 4Cn. If i understand you correctly you are asking for three features actually. 1. Optionally show end of line (as with WinWord). 2. Allow to scroll vertically without changing horizontal cursor position. 3. Add syntax highlighting. I suggest you create separate requests to discuss/vote them more easily.
I understand your request. Still i disagree. ESC in the note editor is a neat feature for "auto-saving" changes. For beginners this can be irritating though. Maybe a "save changes yes/no?" dialog could be added. That dialog should have an option "[ ] always save note when ESC is pressed - don't ask again".
Ok, i understand. I suggest something other than Shift+Esc though. When a note was edited (open and closed in the note editor) that last note should be kept focused when pressing ESC. That way we do not need to invent new keys, nor new functionality. We change existing functionality a little. Rather than always jumping to the top of the list, we stay on the last note. Much simpler, don't you think? When you really want to jump to the top of the list you press "arrow-down" and "Home" from the search-box.
Sorry. Still don't get it. What is the difference of clickling a tag in the sidebar as to entering it in the searchbox? Why have an extra key, when the application is able to stay focused as suggested "leaving the searchbox"?
I don't understand the need for this. You also suggested "I suggest that the position should be reset if the focus didn't leave the search box, and preserved otherwise.", which i think is a good idea. What is the difference for introducing Shift+Esc?
I agree it is irritating to have different reactions from the gui on similar topics. I am not sure though what is the best solution. For example: Search for a tag and press ctrl+enter. Now press ESC again without having selected a specific note using the arrow keys. Should the first note of the last search become activated? This is what actually happens when searching for a regular term (not a tag). This can be confusing too. What to do best? Not Sure, but i agree the behaviour should be unified! You have my vote.
I suggest to use shift+ctrl+enter as the shortcut to save and close all open notes. shift+ctrl+s should be added to save all opened notes and leave their windows open.
Hi Chris, well - myself i don't need the feature at all :) It depends what you desire ;) In case ctrl+shift+s would satisfy your needs, this would be the feature to implement. In case your original request should be needed, i wonder whether there would be a different hotkey instead of ctrl+enter. Thomas
Hi Chris,

in that case i suggest to introduce ctrl+shift+s to save all open notes. This again is a common shortcut in many programs. However, it would leave the windows open. What do you think?