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The following should support your workflow:

open the notes list

press Ctrl+C on the source note

press Ctrl+V to create an exact copy

open the note

press Ctrl+A to select all text in the note's body

press Del to clear the text

It's a pattern i use myself for the same purpose.

Well, it's five years ago ;) I think the idea is to have a list of notes with titles that can expand to display with notes body and other details.

This should do the job: filters.reset.onctrlf.enabled = 1

Enable the switch in your cintanotes.settings file.

Hi Hector,

from what i read your intention is to have a way to reckon clients, that need to be contacted? Either you're trying to reckon these by marking them with the last contact date. Otherwise a reminder date could do the job too, right? Anyhow, what you are actually asking for is a date field. Is that right?

As i can vote for features only once, this is an update, that this is still one of my favorites features i'd like to have. :)

Often i am in a situation when i present some information to people and need to switch to CintaNotes to search for some note. As my default is preview lines min/max 3/4 other people are able to read parts of my notes. As there is information that i don't want to share this is very inconvenient. It would be great to have a shortcut or an icon to easily switch to compact mode only showing the titles of the notes. Name it "private mode" ;)

Minimizing means the main window, right? Not the editors! This is a very helpful suggestion.

This four year old request should include highlighting the remarks field as well.

To be able to filter notes that i don't need in a simple search i tag them. For example "tasks/completed". Such tagged notes should not be in the search list unless i explicitly search for them. One way i can think of this is to add a tag property, for example "[ ] hide from default view". To be able to search for such tags one could explicitly select that tag. This is just one suggestion, there might be other ideas to get the same result.
Sorry to hear this one didn't get more attention, as my need for it even increased. For example, i use tags such as "tasks/completed" or "confidential". As a default i don't want to show up this notes unless i explicitly search for them by turning off the global filter.