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Good to know the bug will be fixed. Still, i'd appreciate, if the forum language good be English, so all people could understand what the bug actually is. Thanks! :)
Just a thought: One can work the other way around. That is use CintaNotes as an index to your files. Search the note, open the file from there using a file link.
I am not saying that my suggestion Remember Window Position is better suited to fulfill your requirement. You can also check the discussion there. Chris suggested a tool that might handle the job there. I agree with you that there is a need for a better system of positioning windows. FYI: CintaNotes remembers the last x-numbers of window positions and uses them for opening a new window. This is quite awkward since most people don't understand the implementation. It is like having the windows jumping randomly on the screen. Actually there are at least two requirements. Positioning windows for new notes and for existing notes. 
A workaround is provided in the original thread which can be found here Import should include recycle bin.
OneNote is actually embedding a table editor. Smart Tabs (like in PsPad-Editor) are much more simple. It will calculate the number of spaces needed to fill up to the next column position by looking at the line (row) before the current line. It does make sense with monospace only. It is just a simple helper so you don't need to press the spacebar yourself multiple times.
Please check my suggestion here: Global tag filter. The advantage is, that there is no need to move a note to any other place. Simply hide it when needed.
The URL won't be recognized, when you edit it as plain text. Still there is a solution to this: Use Alt+Shift+U as a generic solution to insert links.
Personally i use alarms for appointments only, which i manage with a PIM software (eMClient). For tasks i don't use alarms. To me a task is something i take care of, when it's time to do so. Thus i query them manually. Still i get your point, that a start- and a due-date on its own make not much sense to other people. However, if there would be something like a virtual tag, such as "tasks within next 3 days", your requirement to have some gui element would be fulfilled.
I don't think this is special to my personal workflow only. The approach is taken by "", a GTD ("Getting things done") based task tool. Since the tool is no longer supported i tried to take its workflow and map it to CintaNotes. I was successful by creating a new database and using sections for tasks such as "Now, Next, Maybe/Someday, On Hold". As a workaround the modification date can be used to schedule the task., However that information gets lost, as soon as you change and save the note. When a task is completed i delete it to recycle bin. 

My suggestion for implementation want to aid you in that it takes the least effort by simply adding the start-/due-date to the already existing properties-dialog. And since it's necessary to be able to check these values right away i suggested to show them in the editor too (right beside creation- and modification-date).
The software i know (for example Outlook, emClient) support both a start- and a due-date. Some even offer a special reminder-date. Users have different preferences. Personally i use a start-date to remind me, when to take care of a task.