CintaNotes is a Windows application for fast and convenient note taking. It can clip text from any application on a hot key, has a powerful tagging system and effective full-text search capability.
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Drag and drop Outlook attachments without having them saved first; same for the email itself

Marix fa 2 anys actualitzat fa 2 anys 6

Today is possible to attach a file to a note, by drag&drop from File Explorer; therefore Outlook attachments must be saved first, then drag&dropped. It would be great to drag&drop directly from Outlook.

Same for the full email itself - drag&drop as note attachment directly from Outlook, without having to save it first as .msg.

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Sync with Standard Notes

A B C. fa 3 anys updated by Alex Jenter fa 3 anys 1

Simplenote doesn't provide (zero knowledge) encryption nor plans to, so Standard Notes is a nice alternative. It would be very, very nice if we could sync with Standard Notes rather than (Automattic's) Simplenote.

An example of such an implementation can be seen at

syncing security
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hide/show notes or dropdown like when typing '>' character and space, the notes under that can be toggled hide/show

Marc Bentoy fa 3 anys updated by Alex Jenter fa 3 anys 1
text-formatting organizing keyboard editing complexity:medium
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Sort and/or Filter "view"

sebastiano_rametta fa 3 anys updated by Alex Jenter fa 3 anys 2

Add a feature to open a "Sort and/or Filter by" menu to have an output where the current sorting chosen for the notes is not altered but applied only to the Sort by (results) View(s).

By this I could find and open one or more result search/folder Views, i.e. notes related to specific tags, sorting by date, one of the keywords set I use to apply to the note (i.e. from sender, note captured by Outlook msg), and so no.

sorting searching rules reordering organizing notes-list main-window
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Pencil support

Jul fa 3 anys updated by Citation Vault fa 3 anys 3

Hey guys,

what do you think about pencil support? I would like to use CintaNotes as an alternative to MS onenote and this feature is missing.
taking/clipping organizing main-window external editing
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Sections within sections, to make this a complete onenote alternative.

mugsy67 fa 3 anys updated by Alex Jenter fa 3 anys 2
Under review

An option to disable rich text

john2020 fa 3 anys updated by Alex Jenter fa 3 anys 1

I don't like rich text and don't use it anywhere, even in documents. Is there an option to disable it? For example, when I write numbered lists, the numbers are automatically "enriched". It breaks all my workflow because I need Asciidoctor/Markdown syntax for my lists. Also, it is very distracting.


As I discovered, this feature was _removed_ in 2.7.1 (CintaNotes 2.7: Options → Editor → Text formatting). I think it was a bad idea. A lot of technical-skilled people don't like Microsoft-Word-like ways to deal with text. Instead, lightweight markup languages like LaTeX, Asciidoctor, and Markdown are their best friends. I don't think we really _need_ Markdown in CintaNotes (although it would be great) - it could be too hard to add the parser/renderer and redesign the UI. But at least, please, give us back the option to use _simple plain text_, that is, to use Markdown or Asciidoctor _syntaxes_ (without the appropriate parsing and rendering).

text-formatting editing

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Другое поведение при создании связанных заметок

Hoakim Artramonov fa 6 anys updated by Alex Jenter fa 6 anys 4
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Error when db file created time -(minus) local GMT offset < 01.01.1970 00:00

Ruzzz fa 8 anys updated by anonymous fa 7 anys 2
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Text formatted with "highlight" gets printed as "italic"

ChrisCN fa 9 anys updated by Alex Jenter fa 9 anys 8
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Searching for accented characters produces wrong results

Alex Jenter fa 9 anys actualitzat fa 9 anys 5 1 duplicat
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Incorrect clipping of .рф domain site

Arseniy (CN Support Team) fa 10 anys actualitzat fa 10 anys 0

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use favicon from a web clipping to increase note's distinguishability

Jose Quesada fa 12 anys updated by Cassandra D. Everhart fa 3 anys 3

Recognize tags in note's text and make clickable

Alex Jenter fa 13 anys updated by Cassandra D. Everhart fa 3 anys 3

Template-based export and import

Alex Jenter fa 13 anys actualitzat fa 13 anys 3

Sync Option: Opera Notes

Dave Ferree fa 12 anys updated by Alex Jenter fa 10 anys 5

Collapsing / Expanding notes

Alex Jenter fa 13 anys updated by Boris Monti fa 5 anys 6

"Copy to CN" and "Paste from CN" buttons in window titlebars

Alex Jenter fa 11 anys updated by Cassandra D. Everhart fa 3 anys 2

Add simple status flag icon

Alex Jenter fa 13 anys updated by Cassandra D. Everhart fa 3 anys 5

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